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Teaching With Intention: Chapter 2

The FABULOUS Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasbord has gather some more awesome bloggers to host chapter 2 of this AMAZING book Teaching With Intention. This week's chapter is hosted by 

         Mrs Dailey's Classroom


So when you are finished reading here, just click on their pictures and it will take you to their blogs. 

This statement is SOOOOOOO true! I have worked in the same school for 15 years. Well starting my 15th year. This quote really stood out for me. When I first started teaching I had all these ideas and dreams for the ideal classroom. What I wanted it to look and sound like. I know that I am not there. I lost myself for a little while and I have to apologize to those students who I didnt give my best to. From this moment on I will do better. 
Anyway, my point is that we taught a Reading Program called Success For All. It was completely scripted!!!! SCRIPTED PEOPLE!!!!! I was the best at reading those words. Then we moved on to Reading First and that really helped me to see what I needed to do to shape myself as a better teacher. Now I don't even teach from manuals. I might look in them for an idea but my lessons are based on my kids. 

These questions rocked my world today! Where is my evidence? What am I seeing, hearing and doing? What do I value? What supports what I'm doing?

I have realized after reading this chapter is that I CAN grow!!!! I feel like this fall will be a new start for me as an educator. I am thinking now about what I believe and how I can apply that belief in the classroom. One thing that I know that needs to happen is that I have to get to know my babies better so when they talk, I TRULY listen. If you are new to my blog, I teach K-2 Writing all day. So sometimes getting to know my students falls to the waste side but not anymore. I need to know them in and out so that I can get a better view of their needs. 

BOOM!!!!!! This is all I can say about this quote! I know Greg said in the past to "Shut the door and teach!" and I know that he says he wants to "open the door and teach!" I understood the statement by saying SHUT THE DOOR!!! Now I hardly ever shut my door, but I need to not care if someone hears us or doesnt like what we are doing. This about what I feel my little sassypants needs from me! Go in your room and love those kids. Teach those kids. Help those kids. 

This book is forever changing me!!!!!!

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