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Teaching With Intention: Chapter 3 & 4

Okay first I want to say I am sorry that this post will be a little bit long. I really wanted to share my thoughts on these 2 chapters. Let's get started with chapter 3!

Okay let's talk environment! This is a place that I am constantly reflecting on and getting my students involved. I have these grand plans of what I want my room to look and feel like but once those little bodies get in there, I change it around.

When my vision doesnt match the flow the children are taking in the room, I rearrange. It a joke in the building that I am not content! Its not true! I just want my children to feel they have options and a say. 

I thought that I would show you my old room first because this will be the room I am moving back into over the next few weeks. 

This room  was always a challenge to get together. I was always had to rework it. I think since I have been in it before, I should be able to make something great for my math students.

Debbie says, "When things are going awry for teachers, things are probably not going well for kids either." Oh, how true this is. I am making a goal to really get better organized. My disorganization comes from not putting things back where they belong. I just make a pile and then when it is so overwhelmed by it, I panic. Does anyone ever do this? My GOAL is to clean up appropriately!

In Chapter 3, Debbie talks about making 3 piles.
1. things to keep.
2. things someone else might want-maybe other teachers, kids, or Goodwill
3. things to throw away.

This is what I am doing now. In the middle of teaching summer school, I am making my list. Number 2 is happening because the person taking over my current room is an intern. So, why not leave items that will help her in her journey. I promise I will not leave her junk.

Now my current room was a lovely environment to teach in. It will sound funny but I will truly miss  the bathroom. It was so convenient to not have to deal with bathroom breaks.

This room was such a fun loving and warm place to be.

The last part of chapter 3 that really stood out was when Debbie mentions questions to ask yourself. This really stood out! So much that I made a poster that hangs over my desk. My goal is that every afternoon I take time to ask those questions to myself and reflect on what is happening in my room.

1. What do you know I value?
2. What do you know about what I believe about teaching and learning? what's the evidence?
3. What do you know about the kids in this room?

You can grab your own copy from the picture below.

Now let's move on to Chapter 4!

Now I'm not going to get long winded so let's get right to the questions.

This is a very near and dear subject to me. I had read Debbie's book Reading with Meaning. This book completely changed my view on thinking and showing it to my students. If you have not read it yet, go order it now. 

Click here to go to Amazon

When I was just the Reading teacher, I had to train myself to put my thinking on display. I have carried that over into my writing. I am not trying to stop and let my kids have more time to think and share. Here is where I falter. I tend to share my thoughts but not allow them to share theirs. #workonthatMelinda #kidsneedtotalkmore

I am in love with WBT. If you don't know what that is, that is Whole Brain Teaching. Teaching the kids to work together in small chunks. Now I am no expert and I want to be certified in WBT, I just have seen a huge difference in using it in my classroom. The Teach Okay method is a great component. The objective is that the students will teach each other. You the teacher teach them a concept in small doses and then you say TEACH! The students will then turn around and say OKAY. They begin working with their partner to reinforce the concept you have been working on in that moment. 

Here is a link to a video showing a class who had never seen WBT before. Just check it out. 

I cringe at this question. Just because I hope that I am using my words to inspire my kids. I will say that WBT helps a lot with this process. 

A phrase I use a lot in my room is Stop and think that through! I want my kids to not rely on me. I want them to be independent. I want them to do the thinking and learning while I am just there as a guide. 

Big Goals for this next school year but I am ready for the challenge. 

Let me leave you with this. Please be YOU!!! Just know that you are making a difference. Don't let what someone else do make you think you have to do it. Do what you feel is best for your students? 

BE YOU!!!!

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