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Tell All Tuesday: Bucket List

Hey Ya'll! I'm back for another addition of Tell All Tuesday with my bloggy buddies Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire. This week we are talking about our Teaching Bucket List. 

Back in October, I started looking at what my bucket list or goals would be. If you want to read that post just click HERE

I decided for this post that I would make a goals that would add to what I already have for myself. 

I truly hope to get my National Boards. I have always had the desire but have been scared to do it. I did do one part to see what it was like. It was the writing portion. It really was so bad but I'm still nervous. 

My second goal is to be a state and national Teacher of the Year. I sometime feel bad telling people that because I feel it makes me look conceded. I want it for me and not to brag and say "Hey, I'm better than you because I'm teacher of the year." I just want to work that hard that, that is my reward.

The last one that I did have room to type was that I want to travel to different National Conferences and give Professional Developments for teachers. I just want to inspire and motivate others. 

Okay so there you go! My add-ons to my current Bucket List. If you want to join us, then come on! Do IT!!!! Link up! 



  1. Great goals, Melinda! Going for your National Boards is awesome. I, too, am a bit intimidated by how difficult I hear it is to do.
    Always Kindergarten

  2. Love your goals! Being teacher of the year on both levels would be so rewarding!! Go for it!!!!

  3. You can do it! Go for your National Boards and T.O.Y! We can celebrate together! Whoop-Whoop! Great Bucket! Check out my post, I even included a FREEBIE! :)

  4. Hi Melinda, I enjoyed reading your goals and I think all of them are very attainable. I think it's great you are working towards T.O.Y, that would be a wonderful accomplishment. I wish you all the luck as you work on your bucket list. Thanks for sharing and linking up with us!

  5. Good luck with your National Boards! That is an awesome goal to work toward! We enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley and Brooklynn