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Hey everyone! I am back and linking up with A Dab of Glue Will Do for the Winner Wednesday! 

First I want to say that I am sorry that there is not a lot of pictures. I am officially on summer break and I have cleaned my files. 

Anyway, I decided with some of you still in school, I wanted to give you a tip of things that you can do before school is out to help with your clean up day. 

Usually the first of May, I start looking around my room and look for things that should come down. I begin writing them done on a "LIST". This is such a life saver!

About a 2 weeks after I make my list, I start cleaning out the junk that has collected in my room and then I start marking things off my list. 

I take down anchor charts that are not needed anymore. Then, I move on to certain bulletin boards. I am lucky because with my school being 10 years old, the board underneath looks quite nice and the room doesn't look empty. I know you may be thinking but wait wont you get in trouble or doesn't anyone say anything about things coming down. The answer is nope! By the time I get to the last day of school, everything is down. The kiddos have their items to take home and my room is clean. 

The biggest tip during this process is USE THOSE KIDDOS!!! They freebies as much as us teachers. They will take down anything if they get to take it home. I have been doing this for the past 3 years and on closing day, I usually only have to have our last faculty meeting and I am out the door before lunch! You can't beat that!  Welcome SUMMER!!!!! 

Now I hope that, that was helpful! It is time to enter in for Winner Wednesday. This month I am giving away my most popular time and that is my paragraph unit.

 I has been my top seller. It is full of activities that will help your kiddos understand how to build better paragraphs. I am going to working on a Paragraph Unit part 2. It will compliment this one so well. If you would like to win, simple just head to the rafflecopter below and leave your name and email. I will have a winner by Thursday morning. Have fun hoping over to other blogs doing this and Good Luck!!!

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