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Teaching With Intention: Chapter 1

Hey ya'll! I'm here to link up with Mr. Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasbord and his book study of Teaching With Intention by Debbie Miller. I had started this book when it first came out and let life distract me. I am super excited to jump back in. This first chapter really just made me think about what I want for my students. 

Before heading to Chapter 1, there was a couple of statements that Debbie mentioned that really have not left my brain. 

We are professionals; we need to make full use of our professional autonomy.


If we aren't thoughtful, reflective, and strategic teachers, can we expect our children to be thoughtful, reflective, and strategic readers, writers, and thinkers?

These 2 statements have not left me. We must stand out as professionals so that we can make thought students. We can't fit ourselves in boxes and expect to evoke change. This is where I am in my career. I want to evoke change!

Now let's jump to Chapter 1.

Reading this chapter, just made me long for my ideal classroom. When Debbie talks about what she sees as she walks into the 3rd grade classroom just made me reflect more on what happened in my room  during the 14-15 school year and what I desire for the 15-16 school year. 
I  love when visitors come to my room and say your room feels like home and smells so good. I know that if a stranger feels like that then my kiddos must feel that way too. Where I fall short is giving more control to my kiddos. I have allowed the pressure of TEST SCORES to drive me. Well in November of last year that stopped. I walk in my room and try to guide those special moments. 

My ideal classroom would....

LOOK: cozy, warm, inviting. Children would be everywhere. They would be reading, writing, and laughing. They would be talking and making memories.
SOUND: The sound of their conversations and laughter would make those in the hall say what is happening in this room. 

FEEL: It would be a place where kids felt safe and comfortable. They would feel the love I have for them. 

I have been inspired by Mr. Greg's no desk or tables that I think that is exactly what will be happening in my classroom this year. They will just have to disappear. 

WHERE'S THE TEACHER? I love that part in the book when Debbie asked that. The teacher in the chapter was off conferencing with some of her students. WOW!!!! I will say, this is a weak point for me. CONFERENCING!!! I just can't seem to find the balance for it. Every year I work really hard to do better and that Conference Monkey comes and I am swinging from vines hoping not to fall. 

In my ideal classroom, I would be sitting in the floor talking to students and asking them about what they found interesting for that day. Children would be all over the room laughing, talking , and learning.

I need to work on having all my copies or supplies ready better. I try and give most jobs over to my kiddos but when they fail to complete them then I take over. I need to keep modeling my expectations for these jobs. 


I need to work on the fact that I have it planned and ready to teach but I let my time either run away. I have decided to set a few timers through out the day so that I will keep the flow. If I had my students all day with me, I wouldn't find this necessary but I teach one subject all day to 3 grades. This means TIME is a huge factor. 

CHOICE & SAFETY! My kiddos know that they will have choices they can make to help in their learning. I guess what I mean is that when it comes to what I am teaching (writing), the choice is theirs. 

When it comes to safety, my kiddo know that I will go to bat for them. We have had several lock downs and a lock outs this year. My kiddos realized that I would protect them with all that I have. They know that I love them dearly. 

I know it may seem that I am far away from my ideal classroom but I know that I will get there. I can't wait to read this book more and get closer to where I want and need to be. 

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  1. I love that you are embracing the no table classroom! Its such a huge shift, but I'm sure it will be amazing!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten